Unrefined evening primrose oil, 1 kg

Unrefined evening primrose oil, 1 kgUnrefined evening primrose oil, 1 kg
Unrefined evening primrose oil, 1 kg
Unrefined evening primrose oil, 1 kg

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Evening primrose oil is rich on essential unsaturated fatty acids, especially Omega-6, vitamin E and other biologically active substances.

Instructions for use

Evening primrose will be widely used in medicine. Evening primrose oil helps to relieve many of the troubles associated with the nature of a woman. It is believed that gamma linolenic (Omega-6) acid, which is contained in evening primrose oil, is very important for the woman's body, because it helps to normalize and maintain a normal menstrual cycle. Helps build up the immunity. In traditional medicine evening primrose oil is a part of many food supplements, often mixed with boragу oil and vitamins. 
Evening primrose oil is especially useful for the skin, because it improves its metabolism, protects from aging and harmful environmental attack. This oil is most recommended for dry, sensitive, irritated, itchy skin. Works as a sedative, can be an excellent anti-wrinkle aid. Evening primrose oil can be used to enhance the skin's protective function, to reduce moisture loss, as well as for sun-burned skin care because of its soothing sensitivity and reddening reducing properties. Oil is suitable for care of weak hair and nails.

Storage conditions

Keep at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Country of origin


Packed by

UAB „Aliejaus spaudimo bazė“


100% evening primrose oil

100 g the average nutrition value

900 kcal/3700 kJ:



of which saturates fatty acids

100 g

9 g



of which sugars

0 g

0 g



0 g



0 g

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