Unrefined toasted sesame oil, 250 ml

Unrefined toasted sesame oil, 250 ml
Unrefined toasted sesame oil, 250 ml

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Toasted sesame oil will be pressed from toasted sesame seeds. It has dark color and deep, delicate taste of toasted sesame. Toasted sesame oil is very fragrant and delicious, contains a lot of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

Instructions for use

Toasted sesame oil is especially popular in Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisines and will be used to highlight the flavor and taste of food. For example in Japan by making dishes from tempura dough about 10% of toasted sesame oil will be mixed with other frying oil. This oil will be used to flavor rice noodles dishes, omelettes, salad dressings, meat and fish marinades. Toasted Sesame oil together with rice vinegar, ginger and mustard will be used used as Chinese chicken salad dressing. Toasted sesame oil is not recommended for frying, its incineration temperature is low, it is recommended to sprinkle ready-to-cook dishes.

Storage conditions

Keep at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Country of origin


Packed by

UAB „Aliejaus spaudimo baz─Ś“


100% toasted sesame oil

100 g the average nutrition value

900 kcal/3700kJ:



of which saturates fatty acids

100 g

14,2 g



of which sugars

0 g

0 g



0 g



0 g

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