Spirulina tablets, 180 g

Spirulina tablets, 180 g
Spirulina tablets, 180 g

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Spirulina is a cyanobacteria, belongs to green-blue algaes, has a unique composition, widely used and accepted as superfood worldwide.
Spirulina is especially appreciated by athletes, active and about the figure caring people because of it's high protein content. Spirulina is rich in microelements - iodine, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, selenium and chromium. It also contains almost all the amino acids needed by the human body, vitamins A, C, D, E and B-group vitamin, unsaturated fatty acids and other useful substances. Spirulina is a natural source of strength, energy, youth and excellent well-being.

Instructions for use

Spirulina is a really energy and health source for active people.

It is recommended to use 2-3 tablets three times a day (3-5 g per day) with water or juice. Start using with minimal quantity.

Suited for vegans.   

Spirulina is a great product for people who care for themselves and their families!

Storage conditions

Keep in a dry place. 

Country of origin


Packed by

UAB „Aliejaus spaudimo baz─Ś“


100% spirulina tablets

100 g the average nutrition value

336 kcal/1420 kJ:



of which saturates fatty acids

1 g

0,5 g



of which sugars

13,1 g

<0,1 g



65,9 g



0,9 g

  fiber 5,1 g
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